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Territorial Kansas, May 30, 1854 | Kansas Day, January 29, 1861

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Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854 Documents for the Study of American History, AmDocs

Abraham Lincoln Speech on the Kansas-Nebraska Act, October 16, 1854 AmDocs

D-Day, 6 June 1944 D-Day Fact Sheet
Ike's D-Day Message; General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Order of the Day, June 6, 1944

Humanities Kansas announces KHC speakers bureau intended to strengthen community through the exploration of heritage, traditions, and ideas. The KHC Speakers Bureau features presentations about Kansas' people, places, hopes, and dreams and explore both popular and little known aspects of Kansas history and culture.

Dr. Edward N. Tihen's Notes database from Wichita Newspapers, 1872-1982; Wichita State University

WWW-VL: US Agricultural History

New: Wyandotte Constitutional Convention, July 5, 1859, KanColl

Fred Harvey: Harvey Houses on the prairie: How a Kansas man pioneered the hospitality industry

Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers and Ride into History

Boot Hill Gaming and Casinos: Gambling in the Old West

The Beginnings of Dodge City by Robert M. Wright, 1913

The Great War Comes to Kansas, letters exchanged in 1918 between Ward Griffing, while at Camp Funston, KS, and Minnie Frey, a one-room school house teacher, both natives of Manhattan, KS

Cowboy Blues: Early Black Music In The West & Minstrel and Medicine Shows -- Creating a Market for the Blues & The Weasels: Underground Success of A Kansas Rock Group & With Music the Ammunition -- Battles of the Bands in Wichita in the 1960s, 19th Century Kansas Traveling Shows, all by Patrick J. O'Connor

Kansas Counties and Where They Got Their Names, Kansas County Name Etymologies

The Lawrence Massacre By A Band Of Missouri Ruffians Under Quantrell, August 21, 1863, History by Rev. Richard Cordley, 1865, KanColl

4th of July, 1890, Fort Dodge, Kansas Soldiers Home

Prairie Band Potawatomi Language Project, MP-3 Audios

Treaties Between the Potawatomi and the United States of America, 1789 - 1867

Buntline Special Reconsidered Original research

Prairie Fires on the Santa Fe Trail

Blizzards at Fort Dodge, KS

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WWW-VL: Spanish History

Spain history directory, maintained at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

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