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Pioneers Audrey and Fred Plymell

From poet Charley Plymell, native Kansan

"on homestead land deeded to my Grandfather, Charley Plymell by President Grover Cleveland"

[photograph: Audrey Plymell, mother of poet Charley Plymell][photograph: Fred Plymell, father of poet Charley Plymell]

These are photos I found of my mother and father on homestead land deeded to my Grandfather, Charley Plymell by President Grover Cleveland. They were taken in Indian Territory before a state was named. I just wanted people, especially Easterners, to know that when they call Bush a "cowboy" that they should consider him as more of a Yale frat brat. My mom and dad had no use for anything that smelled of the god forsaken establishment he was, and they taught me to become a good outlaw and never have anything to do with criminal enterprises such as governments! (That's a Colt.45 my mother packed). Revenuers (tax collectors) and assorted government officials were not welcomed at Plymell Gulch. Especially those who came looking for moonshine, rattlesnake spit or other assorted drinks. My father was tipped off onetime by another cowboy and had a bottle of water for sale to the tax man that was unfortunate enough to risk coming to our ranch.

Charley Plymell, September 11, 2009

Photographs courtesy of Charley Plymell (also Charles, although his legal name, after his grandfather, is Charley), used with permission; George Laughead, manager, WWW-VL: United States History network. Thanks to Lynn H. Nelson.

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